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It's Amazing How We Possess This Ability Inside Of Us

By Isaac Rau Sept 28, 2023 - Verified Purchase

Having personally done breathwork sessions with Viviana and her team from their Beverly Hills studio over the years, and in other group settings, it's amazing how we possess this ability inside of us, that can be beneficial once we get to know it. Breathwork has helped me in calming my presence in challenging situations, sports performance, sleep and with allergies. Even in high altitudes, such as in planes or hiking above 10,000 feet. Bending Our Reality is an empathetically written, comprehensive tool for understanding and mastering the art of breathwork that we can cite moving forward in our daily experiences.

Living Life to the fullest.

By Shanina Sept 26, 2023 - Verified Purchase

Bending Our Reality is a life guide to living your life to the fullest while releasing the negative that plagues our mental and physical states. It was truly inspirational and a must have for anyone looking to live a better life. The breathwork section is an easy guide to teach you how to breathe better and guides you on which kind of breath works best dependent on your need. I am blessed to have gotten a copy.

A True Guide to Your Best Life, Best Self!

By Travis Steffens Sept 21, 2023 - Verified Purchase

Miss Viviana!

Thank you so much for this beautiful gift to the world! I just wanted to reflect back the incredible amount of time, energy and Mastery you spent in writing such an incredible masterpiece! You truly put together a tool to change someone’s entire life with this book. I am so proud of you!

In our next life, if we choose to be born on this planet, I’m sure this book will find us again, and our growth will be exponentially quantum!

Sending you all the love and gratitude!!

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