Bending Our Reality

An Authentic Guide To Mindfulness And Wellness Through Breathwork And Inspirational Concepts

Unleashing the infinite power within our breath holds the key to the genesis of all creation. This profound truth, known to every human yet often sought externally, awaits your discovery. Journey alongside Colombian-American author and wellness advisor Viviana Escobar as she recounts her transition from a life-altering accident to becoming a Breathwork Master. Delve into the development of her innovative Mana Breathwork Universe as she treads the path of embracing her true essence. Can the simple act of breathing unlock a life filled with joy and self-realization? Could an intimate understanding of our body, mind, and heart be the key to shaping our reality?

Filled with inspiring poetry and complemented by practical daily exercises, this book equips you to tap into your inner power and enhance your physical and mental health significantly. By merging cutting-edge technology with timeless traditional wisdom, you can become the architect of your own life. This book serves as a pragmatic guide for anyone embarking on a journey toward health and happiness.

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Viviana Escobar is a Colombian-American breath master, wellness advisor, and writer dedicated to exploring consciousness through mastering the breath.

Her commitment to integral health after suffering a spine injury led her and her husband, Joaquin Astelarra, to develop “The Mana Breathwork Universe," an innovative approach to healing that has been shared with students globally.

Based in Los Angeles, she leads a wellness advisory firm that caters to Diplomats, Royal Families, Heads of State, Celebrities, and Athletes and is Chairperson of the Medical Tourism Alliance.

Her first book, Bending Our Reality, offers readers a glimpse into her world and the transformative power of breath. It combines interactive practices to guide readers on their own paths observing concepts of consciousness, evolution, and global coherence.

Viviana's work has been praised for its lyrical prose and insightful exploration of the human condition.

As a member of Alegríia Bilingual Bookstores & Arts Collective, Viviana is committed to promoting bilingual literacy and well-being.

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I still remember the day Viviana shared with me that she wanted to write a book about Breathwork and the Mana Universe she had created with her partner…

Little did I know that her creative guides had another plan, as is usually the case when one surrenders to the magic of any artistic journey.

During those first months, when we started working on her book together, we discovered that more than being another book about breathwork, her creativity was leading her to share her personal story and reveal her inner artist. It became clear that her book contained within it a story of personal healing, resilience, and transformation that could not be ignored.

Little by little, Viviana’s story became a loving guide connected to the real story of how breathwork and meditation had assisted her during the most challenging and profound times in her life.

Every month, Bending Our Reality began to take shape in mysterious ways only known by those who are willing to let the magic powers of creativity lead them. After three years and hours of hard work and commitment to her message and desire to make this world a better place, Bending Our Reality contains decades of knowledge, research, meditations, and poetic thoughts packed into one book that you get to enjoy now as her reader.

The poetry collection that made it into her book is a precious surprise that I will hold very dear as proof that - art chooses us as vessels for higher good when we open our hearts fully to our truest intentions.

This book is a testament to many miracles. The first of them being that despite it all, Viviana’s courage and resilience make this book a reality.

But the most revealing miracle of them all is the impact that these pages will have on those people who are willing, ready, and open to receive them. Davina Ferreira Alegría Publishing Founder

Bending Our Reality is the #1

🟣  #1 Colombian-American-authored book that masterfully combines wellness, self-improvement, and personal growth with a groundbreaking, distinctive approach.

🟣  #1 First-of-its-kind collaboration between a Colombian author and a Colombian-founded US publisher, spotlighting well-being and amplifying diverse voices.

🟣  #1 Innovative manual that unveils your untapped potential by merging traditional breathwork, quantum mechanics, and LatinX poetry, transcending conventional self-help.

🟣  #1 Essential read for those embarking on a transformative self-discovery journey, seamlessly integrating science and spirituality to inspire change.

🟣  #1 All-encompassing guide on the art of breathing, crafted by a Colombian-American author against the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles culture.

Visual Artistry

"Bending Our Reality" showcases captivating artwork that seamlessly complements the narrative, providing a holistic visual journey. Crafted by Joaquin "Espinacas" Astelarra, an Argentine-American architect, artist, and co-founder of Mana Universe, each illustration vividly captures the intriguing concepts and insights presented in the text. Drawing inspiration from street art, he employs a fusion of techniques to cut, paste, and draw, creating a result that's both engaging and innovative. Joaquin's artistry invites readers to experience the book in its tangible, traditional form.

A Fusion of Wellness, Science, and Poetry for Personal Growth

A Groundbreaking Approach to Wellness and Personal Growth

Discover the first book by a Colombian-American author that seamlessly blends perspectives on wellness, offering a unique and innovative approach to self-improvement and personal growth.

A Collaboration Between Colombian Creatives

Dive into the first wellness book published by a Colombian author in collaboration with a Colombian-founded publisher in the USA, celebrating the power of cultural diversity and shared heritage.

Unleashing Your Hidden Potential

Unlock your hidden potential with this exceptional guide, which combinestraditional breathwork techniques, quantum mechanics, and evocative poetry by a LatinX author to create a holistic approach to personal development. 

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Find inspiration in this transformative journey into self-discovery, as the author masterfully bridges the gap between science and spirituality, guiding you to new heights of self-awareness and inner harmony

The Art of Breathing Amidst the L.A. Culture

Immerse yourself in this comprehensive book on the art of breathing, skillfully written by a Colombian-American author against the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles culture, inviting you to breathe and discover your own path to well-being.


The breath is the bridge between the body and spirit, bridging what is known with the mysteries that lie beyond. We invite you to cross that bridge and immerse yourself deep into the Mana Breathwork Universe—a sacred space where each inhalation and exhalation brings enlightenment, healing, and transformation.


🟣 Immersive Guided Sessions: Engage with audio-visual breathwork journeys that transcend time and space.
🟣 Resources and Workshops: Harness the ancient techniques of breathwork to release emotional blockages, cultivate inner peace, and ignite a sense of profound well-being.


🟣 Bespoke Practices: Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our universe offers breathwork sequences tailored to your unique journey.
🟣 Deepen Your Spiritual Path: Each breath is a step closer to your true essence, your highest self, and the limitless potentials of the universe.
🟣 Mana City Community: Connect with a global community, learn from renowned breathwork guides, and engage in powerful group sessions that elevate collective energies.


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